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My name is Edward Thring and I'm a graphic designer. I must say, that is a mighty fine shirt you have on there!
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So, you're probably
thinking to yourself
"is this just another boring, unimpressive, hipster graphic designer that rides a fixie, rolls up his chino's and has a moustache?"
The answer to that wonderful question is


*but i'm not boring, I am not a hipster (don't ask my friends this), I do ride a fixie & roll up my pants & have a mo but above all, I am an impressive* graphic designer.
*Impressive is not an overstatement
and I hope you think so.
Now you're questioning yourself,
"why am I reading this outrageously colourful site?"
Fact is, I want to work with you
Freelance, part time, full time
= all good
What can this little tucker do?
Visual Identities
My favourite part of graphic design. I could create an identity or brand 'til the cows come home!
Print Work
4 years of experience working in a big advertising agency and a number of graphic design studios around the place.
Digital Design
Everything from simple html sites and wordpress themes to responsive mobile designs with CSS3 and HTML5.
Art Direction
Print Design, Illustration, Product Design, Web Design, Layouts & Typography.
So if anything tickles your fancy and you want me to raise the flag in your tight ship
Give me a bell!
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